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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bible bigot from Redmond interferes in Washington State Politics, again.

Rev. Ken Hutcherson, pastor of Antioch Bible Church of Redmond, has said he plans to call for a boycott of Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and other businesses that openly support the gay rights bill which he claims to have pressured Microsoft out of supporting when it was narrowly defeated by only two votes in the Washington State legislature last year. He pulled the same crap May 9, 2005 and claimed he won when the measure was narrowly defeated.

He's announced on KIRO 7 television news' 11:00 p.m. broadcast on January 18, 2006, that he will be going on Focus on the Family radio Thursday January 19, 2006, to reveal how he plans to involve FOF members in attacks on pension plans, interfere with commerce of any company in Washington which supports the pending legislation in Washington. He's using Dobson's radio program to get people from outside of the state of Washington to interfere in our state's legislative process.

This is in response to events last week. Several companies, including Microsoft, Boeing, Hewlett Packard and Nike signed a letter urging passage of the measure, which would add "sexual orientation" to a state law that already bans discrimination.

This year, Republican state senator, Bill Finkbeiner, just stepped down as state Senate Minority Leader, will be voting "yea". He voted against the bill last year but has decided that it's unfair to the citizens of Washington not to vote for the legislation.

In 2005, the state House passed the bill 61-37. Six Republican state senators joined 55 Democrat state senators to pass it. The bill lost in state Senate, where two Democrats, Jim Hargrove of Hoquiam and Tim Sheldon of Potlatch, joined 23 Republicans in defeating the bill.
This year, the Washington state legislature appears to be going to pass the bill in both houses.

So why is Hutcherson pulling this crap? Hate. Pure hate.

You can contact Hutcherson to let him know he should focus on his church and not on interefering in the political process of Washington state, and not invite out of state interference from out of state based Focus on the Family.

Contact the Antioch Bible Church. Fax them if you can. Keep it clean, please. There's no reason to lower yourselves to his level of viciousness.

Antioch Bible Church of Redmond Washington Contact Information:

Address: 15135 NE 92nd Street Redmond, Wa 98052

Telephone: (425) 556-5905

Fax: (425) 556-1333

Information: Toll Free:1-877-BLKnWHT (877-255-6948)

Hours: Monday through Friday8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)

While the coward's "missionaries" have published Email addresses on that website, neither the church itself nor the uber-right reverend has a published Email.

Also, it's time to revisit other ways to apply pressure on the not-so-loving Rev. Hutcherson. Don't forget the information which came to use via Karen of Kalifornia (thanks again).

Ken Hutcherson and Redmond Washington's Antioch Bible Churh, holds worship services in a public high school. The Lake Washington School District Human Dignity Policy takes a stand against such anti-human rights activities."Recognizing and valuing that we are a diverse community, it is part of our mission to provide a positive, harmonious environment in which diversity is respected and encouraged. A major aim of education in the Lake Washington School District is the development of a commitment to the core values of a democratic society. In accordance with this aim, the district strongly emphasizes a core value of mutual human respect for each person regardless of individual differences and/or, characteristics including for example, but not necessarily limited to race, gender, age, disability, physical condition, sexual orientation, ethnic group or religion. We expect this value to be manifested in the daily behaviors of students, staff and volunteers."

So, you can also write to the Lake Washington School District board and to the administration of Lake Washington High School. Ask them to explain why they allow this organization to meet on their campus, apparently in violation of their own Human Dignity Policy. Ask them to ensure that their resources aren't used to bring out-of-state pressure on the legislature of the State of Washington from outside lobbyists and money.

Ask them to explain to you how demanding that employees who support equal treatment under the law be fired from their jobs is 'respectful' or threatening their pension plan benefits, or interfering in the legislative operations of a state is fair.

Ask them to explain what is respectful about threatening not only Microsoft but Hewlett Packard and other employers, some of whom hire and provide income for some of their students is a benefit to their students or to to the tax base that keeps them in operation. Ask them again how allowing this bigot to use their facilities for operation is supporting equal treatment under the law for all residents of the state of Washington.Click here to send an e-mail to the following individuals.And please share you letters in the comments section.Lake Washington School District Board Members:Nany Bernard 425-702-3257Douglas Eglington 425-868-7218Robert Hughes 425-822-2604Jackie Pendergrass 425-821-1157Ravi Shahani 425-702-3257Lake Washington High SchoolPrincipal, Mark Robertson425-828-3371 x376425-828-3390 faxAssociate Principal, Brad Malloy425-828-3371 Ext 369Associate Prinicpal, Doug Wenk425-828-3371 Ext 368


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