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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Starbucks Hates Children ... Or So Concerned Women for America Says is reporting that CWA has launched a hate campaign against Starbucks, claiming “Starbucks Hates Children. The “concerned women” just can’t stand the fact that quotes from G/L authors are appearing on Starbuck’s cups.

Starbuck’s promotional program called “The Way I See It”
– a collection of thoughts provided by notable figures appearing on the
company’s coffee cups – has raised the hackles of one of the country’s most
strident anti-gay, anti-women’s rights groups in the country.

The Concerned Women of America, a “traditional family values” organization run by Beverly LaHaye, wife of fundamentalist preacher Rev. Tim Lahaye, a Christian broadcaster, has targeted Starbucks for promoting “homosexual values” by including quotes from gay individuals on their coffee cups, and for the company’s support of a San Diego gay pride event.

[…] “All I could think was ‘Starbucks hates children.”
Starbucks welcomes your comments. Write them a nice note of support. And don’t forget to copy your note so you can paste it into a reply to the screechy ‘concerned’ ladies.


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