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Friday, March 25, 2005

Update 2: San Diego Bishop

Well it seems the San Diego bishop's apology isn't what it's cracked up to be, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports:

Bishop's careful apology fails to end dispute

The morning after San Diego's Roman Catholic bishop apologized to a family after canceling their gay son's funeral Mass, he left two voicemail messages for an evangelical Christian activist who crusades against homosexuality."James, please take my call," Bishop Robert Brom said Tuesday into the answering machine of James Hartline, a Hillcrest man who supported canceling the funeral. "I have to explain how it's all wrong and how I was done in. We need to talk and we need to meet. Please call me back immediately."

In a second message, the bishop sounded more urgent: "This is Bishop Brom begging you to call me back. I did not cave in. I stood for our position and I still do, but I need to explain and I need your help."

Hartline said he never returned Brom's calls. Instead, he played the messages for a reporter, saying he was outraged by the bishop's "totally spineless" apology to the family of John McCusker, a nightclub owner who died earlier this month. The bishop had banned a Catholic service for McCusker, citing what the diocese considered his sinful business activities.


Obviously, the bishop needs some more e-mail after all.


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