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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Columnist Thinks Prejudice is "Common Sense"

Columnist Mark Holmberg of the Richmond Times-Dispatch seems to think it perfectly fine to listen to right-wing anti-gay rumormongers. In fact he resents all the objections to the cancellation of a GSA speaker because of anti-gay rumors spread by religious extremists.

In fact, Holmberg thinks anti-gay prejudice is "common sense" and resents it being characterized as discrimination.

Take Action: Send an e-mail to Mark Holmberg. Tell him that "common sense" has absolutely nothing in common with the rumormongering of anti-gay religious extremists. In this situation, "common sense" would have been determining exactly what the author intended to speak about at the GSA meeting. Ask Mark if he'd approve of cancelling a talk by Arnold Schwarzenegger. After all, Arnold posed nude for Robert Mapplethorpe on at least two occasions. And he posed nude for the gay magazine, After Dark.

Shunned gay writer speaks at gay church
Speech by gay author being sent to board
ACLU wants schools to invite gay author again
Gay author to speak at church
Officials cancel gay author's talk at school

Take Action

Write to the Board that they failed their community by accepting the word of rumormongers.


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