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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Extremist Christian Group Joins With Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Group In Attempt To Cancel Jerusalem World Pride

Haaretz reports, "A group of evangelical Christians has teamed up with members of Shas to launch an international petition aimed at canceling the Gay and Lesbian World Pride Parade scheduled for Jerusalem this summer.

"Led by California Pastor Leo Giovinetti, the initiative, which will be launched at a news conference in Jerusalem today, is hoping to garner the signatures of an estimated 1 million Jews and Christians worldwide.

"'As friends of the state of Israel, we are in a state of heartbreak and shock to hear that you who govern and watch over Israel are planning to allow World Pride 2005, a worldwide gathering of homosexuals, to take place in the holy city of Jerusalem'".

According to Israel Insider, last week "Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef on Tuesday called Prime Minister Ariel Sharon "evil" due to his disengagement plan, and said "God will strike him with one blow and he will die, he will sleep and not awake."

Giovinetti is pastor of San Diego's Mission Valley Christian Fellowship.

Action: Send an e-mail to the Mission Valley Christian Fellowship staff. Tell them that hatred disguised as religion is not a part of Christianity or Judaism. Remind them that they are in violation of one of Jesus' greatest commandments when they commit this sort of spiritual violence against others.


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